Airlock eliminating bilge pump launches in EMEA

Water systems expert, Attwood, has announced the Sahara Mk2 Automatic Bilge Pump is now available to customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).

The company says it is the only automatic bilge pump that eliminates the common problem of airlocks on its own, using Attwood’s patented X-Air Impeller.

The X-Air Impeller means that the pump is able to eject air trapped in the pump and hose, the company says. This means that the pump will not run dry and burn out, and also protects the pump and the boat’s battery from overuse.

The Sahara Mk2 was announced as the winner of the mechanical systems category at last year’s IBEX Innovation Awards. 

Judge Ed Sherman, former vice president of the American Boat and Yacht Council, commented: “A brilliant application of simple physics to solve a major bilge pump problem.”

 A 90° rotatable elbow outlet hose allows users to install the pump anywhere in a full 360° orientation, making the pump well-suited to vessels with limited space in the bilge areas. The service pump cartridge has been designed with a one-handed release mechanism making it convenient when trying to access the pump if located in a hard-to-reach area of the boat’s hull. A universal mounting pattern is designed for easy upgrading.

Suitable for vessels up to 24m in length, the Sahara Mk2 comes in three models. The S500 model is suitable for boats up to 12m in length and available in 12V, the S800 and S1200 are suitable for boats up to 24m in length and are available in both 12V and 24V.  

Simon McFarland, product manager at Advanced Systems Group (ASG), says: “The Sahara Mk2 Automatic Bilge Pump has already been recognised for its innovation through simplicity, and now Attwood is delighted to bring the pump to market for both OEMs and the aftermarket. Offering 40 per cent better protection against water ingress and electrolysis, when compared to the Mk1 version, the Sahara Mk2 is a breakthrough in reliability and automated ease of use and installation.”